Juan and I went to the flea market yesterday and I got a new weave.

See all that that thread? It has been sewing club whenever Juan and I have time off.

I will have to sew in more tracks to make it look fuller because you can see the cap in the sun but it was so cheap I had to have it.  Its really hot though and makes my head itch, plus I have to bleach my brows, so I will only wear it whenever I feel like talking in my baby stripper voice.

I also found this:

"Talk to all yourfavorite girle!"



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Well, it doesn't look cheap.. it actually looks so cute i-175
it reminds me of Barbie's 80s hair.. i-222 I just love it i-176
I wish I would hang with you guys, you're always having fun..
basically that's what I need in my life right now, fun i-200
I feel dead, I feel passionless.. SAVE ME FROM THIS AVERNO!


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