Got on the graveyard that is myspace and found pics of when I worked at the Big Boo Haunted House. While I was in mortuary school I joined the program's fraternity and we volunteered at the Big Texan restaraunt's haunted house. I played "Alice in Chains", where I was supposed to be a tortured prom queen and I had chains wrapped around my wrists and would shoot out of a dark corner screaming at the tops of my lungs.
The chains were wrapped around a metal bar so I would deafen the crowd before they would get chased in the following room by a guy dressed in a fat Elvis costume with a chainsaw. It was super fun scaring people and every night they would offer the volunteers money for the best scare and I won $20 every weekend of October!

I miss my virgin bob sometimes


I started working on my costume this past weekend.
My only problem now is I am going to be all dressed up with nowhere to go.



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I wish I could go with you i-175 or you could join me and my girls i-211
I cant see no picture, idk why i-202 I wanted to see them..
and also the pictures from the last entry of Rei Ayanami.


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