I've been meaning to write but I've been sort of sad, watching old cartoons and wishing I was a preteen again.  I finished watching the entire As Told By Ginger series today and enjoyed every single minute of it.  It had all the plot twists that make shoujo manga so deliciously clichéd but keeps me coming back for MOAR MOAR MOAR: 

   childhood friend romance

    love triangles

    teen angst

    slice of life moments

    and a secondary storyline between her little brother and his friends for comic relief

 And at the risk of sounding painfully cheesy, I related heavily with Ginger's character.  She and I were the eldest products of a single parent household, and at her age I was still trying to incorporate my father's presence into my life like she does on the show.  She is academically inclined and a writer, something I wasn't too bad at in school either.  Ginger parallels Daria Morgendorffer in the sense that her writing makes her stand out from her peers, the only difference being that Ginger doesn't mind the notoriety.  Throughout the series she develops somewhat of a friendship with rich girl Courtney Gripling.  Her over the top first world problems resonate with me because girls like her are one of reasons I am currently sad.  I quit the first salon I wrote about earlier because I was hardly making pennies and I got a call back to be an assistant for a stylist at an upscale salon not too far from my apartment.  Unfortunately she only needs me twice a week for now so I have been sitting at home looking for cleaning gigs to finance my living here until my schedule picks up.  My boss is friendly, but she makes me super uncomfortable because I grasp at straws trying to find something to talk about because I CANNOT relate to her.  She makes me feel like a stinky pile of dog doo-doo because she does yoga, loves to horseback ride, and does 10 day cleanses even though her skin and figure is perfect.  Her clients are horrendously wealthy and beautiful and I can't help but shampoo their heads in awkward silence.  I don't know what is happening to me.  I want to make a good impression on these people so I can keep my job but why aren't the words falling from my mouth?  I try to go through the sentences in my head but I end up second guessing myself and by the time I think I got it right there has been too long of a pause and now I feel like an idiot.  I don't know why this is bothering me so much to the point of crippling my career, it is not like I haven't been upkeeping the wealthy all of my life.  When I drive by nice neighborhoods and see sprawling estates I can't help but think the only way I could set foot inside that house is with cleaning supplies in hand.  I want to believe that someday I won't have to run a rat race and come in last place every day but after 23 years of the same thing you start to lose faith.  I am not ashamed of the way I was raised but I don't want to be plagued with the same problems my mother has now at her age, all of them stemming from the lack of money.  I feel rotten because I cannot help my mom in anyway and sometimes I dread calling home because ignorance is bliss these days.

 Anyway, I won't spoil the rest of the series, but in the end I have to say Carl Foutley turned out to be my favorite character.  In the first season he falls in love with an old woman in an homage episode to Harold and Maude and his atheism beliefs are revealed in the final season (YEAH NICKELODEON WENT THERE!). His love of all things creepy and gross makes him the coolest.

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wow! I finished the series as well a few days ago...it made me sad to even finish it, so glad that it ended the way it did though as I was rooting for that coupling to make it! Carl is my favorite as well, I loved how he had a weird relationship with Noelle haha.I want to go back to that age too, things were so much simpler but not at the same time. I want my innocence and fire back, I think I'll never get that delicious feeling ever again though I do wish HARD for it..I want to stay young forever and have those same feelings over and over it made me feel SO alive!I believe you are a wonderful writer and you should really think about doing it a lot more, I enjoy the way you bring words to life. As for the money situation, I do hope it gets better with time, I hate struggling and it has been so hard for so many people including you and your mom, I wish money problems would stop, but one day they will for us, keep hope on that, I know I'm hoping :s

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P.S. mfw gordo dies and carl starts crying...

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ME TOO. I cried a couple of episodes, but I'm blaming it on my period too lol. Thanks for telling me such nice things, I hope things look up soon for us too, this city is killing me slowly.

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