I left Amarillo on Monday for Austin. For good. Forever.
Two weeks shy of my 5th year anniversary too.
I  had my share of fun times in that city.
I also shed many tears in that city.
I have met many people, some good, others not so good, in that city.
I have done a lot of drugs in that city.
If I didn't leave then I would have died in that shitty city.
I didn’t feel mentally stable ill enough to stay there anymore. You would have to be a masochist to inflict this kind of harm on yourself. That entire stay was like an agonizing waiting room. People coming and going as I restlessly crossed and uncrossed my legs, reading magazines from two years ago. But now it is my turn to be waited on. Maybe someday when I feel well again I will remember more of the good times than these handful of fragments I cling to now. Until then, Amarillo will be a Harmony Korine wet dream buried in the furthest cemetery inside of my mind.
See you never, Yella



★Bye Amarillo

I'm so happy you guys are out of that town.. for good
I'll visit you guys later, you just gotta wait, but I'll be there!
i-189La santa trinidadi-189 = Gabby, Sylvia & Juan
LAS CHICLOSAS i-175 xoxo gurrrrrr


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