Matsuo tagged me to write 11 facts about me and answer 11 questions he wants to know, make 11 more questions of my own and tag others to answer, but no tag backs gracias bebe!

I have a lot of nervous anxiety.  I bite my fingernails, cuticles, and tear away at skin on my  fingertips.  I also grind my teeth sleeping at night sometimes.
I hate children and ignore them completely if they are a stranger's kids. I didn't know how I would handle having a niece, but she has turned out to be a pretty charming poop monster .  Of course I don't change her diapers though, eww.
I have a phobia of wind turbines.  Chills run through my spine when I spot a field full of them.
I don't leave the house without wearing eyeliner.
I like boys with hairy armpits.
I love being high at work.
I do not like wearing pants.  I only wear them as a last resort!
I drink milk with most of my meals.
My favorite thing to eat are limes topped with Tajin.
I throw a temper tantrum when I have to wash dishes.  I will not do them without gloves, and gag the entire time.
I spend a lot of time looking through latex/pvc/bdsm fetish photography on flickr because most of the people that favorite my photos have volumes of that stuff.

How was your high school year?
Awkward, unpopular, and a band nerd.  I played french horn and told people I was going to be a mortician when I grew up.

Which toy was your favorite as a kid?
A Vtech laptop that came with a mouse.  Kind of like this, but not the exact model.

What's the most important thing you own?
My lappy.
How is a normal day of your life?
Wake up, hobble to the bathroom, shower, go to work, come back for lunchtime, get high and play on lappy, go back to work, leave for the day around 6 or 7 pm, get high, scrounge for food, rent movies, more lappy time, cuddlebunny time, sleep, repeat.
Who's your favorite artist?



What's your favorite pair of shoes?

Who are your favorite bands or singers?

This is my favorite era.  They all play their insrtuments so well and harmonize perfectly.  In my next life I would come back as Yuu.  I really love her side projects too, she has an amazing vocal ability.

Shiina Ringo

Favorite idol.  I got this tour for my birthday from Juan. I would give up my kidney to be able to travel back in time to see this live.

Screaming Tea Party

Please come to the USA again, I will not die happy unless I see you live.

What's your favorite bag or backpack?

My friend Emmanuel made this, it looks like a Pugh piece.
What's your favorite movie?
Tie between Rushmore and The Virgin Suicides.

Do you have a lot of friends or few?
Very few, but I cherish them.
Have you ever felt sad for material stuff?
Yes and I still do.  My family was a single parent household so I didn't often get new things.  I have thrifted my whole life but I make it work.  I envy people that can buy right of the rack without feeling guilty though.

I am breaking the rules and not making a questionaire, but I will think some more on this and post later.



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how precious!!!
i love shiina ringo so much too, i think her style changed a bit after she removed her mole.. like some sort of transformation, (also with tokyo jihen)
i want to go to one of her conecrts but seems so impossible :( she never performance outside japan... plus tokyo jihen just dissolved.. :'(

also i bit my nails super hard too!!!!

★cute, peque!

I love how 4 of you had said I HATE CHILDREN hahaha i-176
for real, I HATE THEM TOO, they're so annoying and stuff i-191
I can't forget I was a kid once but I wasn't annoying like them!

That old picture is so sweet, you look so happy!..

I love BDSM things too, I recommend you to watch Tokyo Decadence

Shiina Ringo is a goddess queen, she deserves all my tears..
Sylvia I loved your white medical bedroom so much, it's great
& I also remember that re-make that you made of Trevor Brown..
You looked soooooo good, eheheheh thx for doing this baby!

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