time warp

I found my missing sd card, WAAAAAAARP!
This is me as a wee person.
I wish I still had that doll!
Actually, this is the first time I post pictures from my childhood because as you can see I have big brown dot above my lip. I was born with this mole and didn't have it removed until I was a sophomore in high school. I always felt like the ugly duckling and not until I had it removed did I become comfortable in my own skin. In eigth grade my doctor told me it would be best to have it removed before I went through puberty because I was at a higher risk to develop melanoma. Plus, it would start to get bumpy and raised with all the horomones and could you imagine? I already felt like a hag with a stain on my 'stache. My mom and I went to 3 plastic surgeons before we went through with the surgery. The first guy wanted to cut it out in one sit down, but the other two surgeons told me that would have given me a cleft lip. The doctor that ended up doing it suggested removing it in two out patient surgeries six months apart. By spacing them out, he explained my scarring would be much less severe. He explained that being Mexican, I would have a noticeable scar forever just because of our melanin. He also said my cupid's bow would be destroyed, but a nurse assured me, "that's what lip liner is for!" During the first surgery I found out that local anesthesia does not numb me. Unfortunately, I realized it as the doctor was dragging the scapel from my nose down through my top lip. He injected me a total of 6 times before I finally stopped crying. My lip was HUGE, I could see it when I looked down and had stitches for a week. My biggest regret is not having any pictures of my gnarly crusty lip.  The second surgery has been the only time I have been completely knocked out, and when I came to I couldn't stop crying!  Not because of the pain though, its a common side effect of general anesthesia, especially for girls going through puberty.  I thought afterwards I would become wildly popular with the boys, but I was just as awkward without my mole so that crashed and burned hahahaha.  I really didn't feel pretty until I moved away from home and started making my own money so I could look the way I wanted to.  Becoming independent was the biggest confidence boost.

I WAS Elmyra Duff as a child, anything fluffy in near distance would be hugged against their will.

after the first surgery, 2 months later

2 years after last surgery, the summer after high school graduation, and the first time I thought I looked pretty




Little Sylvia!!!!! Those pictures of you childhood are very cute i-155
you look exactly the same, I didn't even noticed the little brown dot
and it's so lovely that you're sharing this with us, cuz I couldnt do it
I was super beautiful when I was a baby and now I'm a monster i-177
I was all blonde and cutie, I don't know what happened to me i-177

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I v-238 you Matsuo you are no monster, not by a long shot. Not many babies that are born blonde stay that way unfortunately v-292 by puberty their hair color changes.

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