February is the month that my debts in this town are going to be paid off. I finally own my lappy as of today! I my Lappy 2 so much. My momma got it for my birthday from a rent to own place and it took me 11 months to pay it off. I hadn't started downloading any of the music I lost on my other lappy (RIP Lappy 1) until a week ago because I was afraid of having to return it. I also finished paying off a car title loan that was under my name for my momma today too. I helped her out with some of the payments and swore I would never lend my name again. I love my momma but those places are evil, they have an APR of 316%. At the very end of this month I will be paying off a personal loan I had to get because my truck decided to take a dump on me. I celebrated tonight the good old fashioned American way and bought myself a burger and fries.



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congrats!v-238 miss u lots btw...v-254I can't wait to get my income tax either. I have to get ready cause I think I'm going to anime matsuri in Houston and I have to look awesomee-243e-420

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color Miss you too!! That will be a fun trip e-461

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