Its been awhile but I have an internet source again Last time I wrote I was going to make my costume for Halloweenie and I did! I had bought an old pattern at an estate sale a while back and made some adjustments to the hem, added the straps and opted to thrift a white collared shirt to save some time. I got some tracks to fill in my bob.

You know if you go to Beauty Mart on the blvd they will sell you a couple tracks of human hair in case you can't afford the whole box!?

Juan and I went to this shitty dubstep dj party where most of the girls' muffin tops and butts were falling out of their lycra costumes and brosefs in really bad drag. I hope to be far far away from Amarillo next Halloween.

This is my friend
he pretends to be creepy but he is really a nice dude.

These are the lenses I bought from
Pinky Paradise
. That's some pretty smexy morning after eyeliner I got going on .  It has been 2 months since my eyebrows have been in their natural state.  You can't really tell in the pics but I bleached and colored them dark blue for that night, and now they are green. Well, speckly black and green, unfortunately my eyebrows grow too fast but if I bleach them weekly I will have bald spots.

Thanks to Juan who documented the mayhem, maybe sometime this year I will join the 21st century and buy a camera.




Chivis i-175 Updateaste, es un milagro i-189
Que ojotes se te ven con los circle lenses i-98 i-78
i-267Serving Rei Ayanami realness, work!!!!i-55
Me gusto mucho tu disfraz, i-211xoxo, Mattyi-80


amazing photos, juan takes good pics..I hope you get away from Ama soon cause it's horrible here.

★Re: Milagro!

Gracias Matsuo v-351! Voy a intentar a no dejar que pase tanto tiempo otra vez.

★Re: waaaiiii

If not I am killing myself. Seriously.


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