Satanico Pandemonium/Bernie

Watched this the other night and this scene made the whole film.
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Enrique Rocha plays Satan, decades before I'd seen him in his telenovela villain reign.

Bernie was an explosion of all the experiences I had/wished happen while working for funeral homes.  Prior to watching the movie I did not know the story of Bernie Tiede and Mrs. Nugent, but it reminded me how badly I want to subscribe to American Funeral Director because the first pages are crimes and legal affairs related to the funeral industry;
Texas Monthly wrote about it in January 1998.
The majority say they're in shock that someone so nice could be capable of shooting a cranky old hag.  But I say, the guy was in the funeral game, OF COURSE he was capable.  Bernie's personality is a combo of 2 directors I used to work for, and it would not surprise me in the least bit if I found out either killed somebody/ies.
Or harbor stashes of  personal "illicit" videotapes.
Watching this made me very happy I don't hear "Have a blessed day!" anymore.

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When he bites his fingernail...
*panties drop*


I smell a rat, Blondie! Hell Driver was released in 1979 and Call Me in 1980

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It's almost here! I didn't think I would have the monies but working more hours for the cleaning company really helped. Even though this would be a much cooler team costume, I picked Bubbles from the PPG. It's a really simple silhouette to sew and my hair is long enough to have in micro pigtails.
u mad

I almost had a change of heart 2 nights ago after finally watching School of the Holy Beast . Something like this would be so fun to wear but maybe next year when I can buy really nice fabric.

nun cafe

nun cafe 2

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