A few of my favorite shiny things
In Amarillo at the flea market there was an old lady who had a jewelry stand PACKED with shiny things galore.  I asked her where she bought her stuff and she said she had been doing it so long she didn't anymore, people brought it to her.  She loved Juan so much she practically gave us jewelry for pennies.  The speech bubbles get worn the most, and the following were also purchased from her:

These remind me of Sailor Moon

These screwbacks and necklace are made of clay. I love them so much I don't wear them so they won't break.

Another Amarillo flea market find, its made of wood but contained a warning that it may have traces of lead lol.

All made of buttons, given to me by my mommy
My mama cleans houses and get freebies that her clients are throwing out/donating. The following are other people's trash I now treasure:

My mom used to sell jewelry from Mexico when I was younger and my sister really loved these and kept them.  I got them down the road along with a necklace charm that is exactly the same.

I got this from my mama's personal collection, she doesn't know how old it is but it is a real bud, and no bigger than a dime.

It's a fakey but I love how ornate it is.

This one is also my mom's, it is very old.

My mom's sister bought me this ring several years ago, around 14 when I was very angry and goth.  We went to a jewelry store in Ojinaga, Chihuahua where my grandparents live and the lady in charge had lots of these for sale.  The story behind the design is that it's based on a ring that a princess had made to cleverly store poison to kill her hubby.  The compartment is wide enough for a bump of coke.

Xmas gift from mama years ago.

Gift from my former boss Carrie.  She is addicted to the Home Shopping Network.  I love fake Hello Kitty, Sans-rio lol!

I'm such a thriftwhore I flinch buying new, but these were a steal at Burlington Coat Factory.

Made by Gabby for Tooth Fairy tribute.

Cocktails, cones, and fresas were gifts from Juan

Best Amarillo thrift store jewelry find of all time! They were on the original backing from a brand called Tigerlily sold in Stein Mart.  It is three parts, strung on a hoop and made of wood.
baby bib mittens
And finally, these babies.  Another Amarillo flea market find and by far the strangest/coolest/softest things I have bought there.  They are obviously not sized for a infants and were the only ones left.  It better get cold in Austin at least once so I can bust these out!

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Ever since I moved I have been having dreams every night. I am blaming it on THC withdrawal/hunger. I can only remember fragments, but in one I was boarding a bus with my little sister and my first boyfriend was seated inside. I got that same nervous feeling in my gut I always had when I was around him and had word vomit. I don't remember what all I said but I couldn't stop talking. I haven't seen nor heard from him in over 5 years and hope to keep it that way. Last night I dreamed I was on a fence witnessing a cat hunt a pheasant. The pheasant pecked away at the cat's face while trying to flee. I don't remember if the cat injured the pheasant, but I think I had seen another bird in the cat's mouth beforehand. The fence ended up falling forward but I don't know if it ended up crushing the animals. From what I gathered from dream dictionaries online is that I don't know what the hell I am doing with my life and really scared and uncertain. The pheasant represents motherhood and nurturing, cats represent feminine power, and dead or dying birds indicate disappointments. I hope I find a job soon, that way I will be too tired for my subconscious to bug me.

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I left Amarillo on Monday for Austin. For good. Forever.
Two weeks shy of my 5th year anniversary too.
I  had my share of fun times in that city.
I also shed many tears in that city.
I have met many people, some good, others not so good, in that city.
I have done a lot of drugs in that city.
If I didn't leave then I would have died in that shitty city.
I didn’t feel mentally stable ill enough to stay there anymore. You would have to be a masochist to inflict this kind of harm on yourself. That entire stay was like an agonizing waiting room. People coming and going as I restlessly crossed and uncrossed my legs, reading magazines from two years ago. But now it is my turn to be waited on. Maybe someday when I feel well again I will remember more of the good times than these handful of fragments I cling to now. Until then, Amarillo will be a Harmony Korine wet dream buried in the furthest cemetery inside of my mind.
See you never, Yella