Oh mother tell your children

not to do what I have done.

green with envy

wooohooo I almost have a bob again!

hula hoop

I bought a hula hoop.
I want to have mad hula hooping skillz
and a flat tummy.


So far this is my favorite song to hula hoop to.


Harmony is the type of boy I would have creamed my panties over in high school.
Erratic, nervous, socially awkward, addicted to drugs, paranoid, sarcastic, condescending.
Boys that are mean to me,
boys that are pegged as faggots,
those boys make me weak in the knees.
There is something really sweet about them.
Their quiet nervousness as they fumble with their hair and stumble on their shoes.
If he wasn't so bloated now I would rape him

Rikki Kasso



My little sister Erica, Juan and I went to FunFunFunFest in November and had a blast!  It was my sister's very first festival and it made me feel like an old maid.  The only time I hate being five feet tall is at these events. I can't even say I saw many of the acts, just heard them and caught glimpes of them through crooks of elbows and jumping like a kangaroo until my sides split.

Gabby and Evan let us crash and were super duper nice to navigate us around ATX. I want a phone that can support gps because I ALWAYS get lost.  We got to see pretty much everyone we wanted to catch except for Pictureplane Juan and I stayed up too late packing and didn't hear the alarm so we missed his set.  BUT we did see him at Mohawk that night when we saw Big Freedia again. Juan and I managed to get on stage for the last couple of songs and he was dancing on the other side.

He remembered me! He told me he has a picture of the shoes I was wearing when Gabby and I went to see Health in Lubbock March 2009.

Yay for Steve Madden knock offs! 
And that was the first and last time I ever wore heels to a show, but my friend Emmanuel made me these cool drop crotch tights that I had to pair them with. 
I kept apologizing for being sweaty and made a fangirl fool of myself.  I didn't realize until we were in the car that my hairline was down to my eyebrows
I colored my hair the night before we left and totally spaced putting a clear coat over it to seal in the blue, but I am not a physically active person therefore sweating my haircolor out never occured to me.  I stained eveything I wore those 3 days, but luckily its not too noticeable. The only thing that really irritated me was all the dust, and on the way back home I had an inner ear infection that turned into an upper respiratory infection that lasted 3 weeks. 
It was worth it.


Its been awhile but I have an internet source again Last time I wrote I was going to make my costume for Halloweenie and I did! I had bought an old pattern at an estate sale a while back and made some adjustments to the hem, added the straps and opted to thrift a white collared shirt to save some time. I got some tracks to fill in my bob.

You know if you go to Beauty Mart on the blvd they will sell you a couple tracks of human hair in case you can't afford the whole box!?

Juan and I went to this shitty dubstep dj party where most of the girls' muffin tops and butts were falling out of their lycra costumes and brosefs in really bad drag. I hope to be far far away from Amarillo next Halloween.

This is my friend
he pretends to be creepy but he is really a nice dude.

These are the lenses I bought from
Pinky Paradise
. That's some pretty smexy morning after eyeliner I got going on .  It has been 2 months since my eyebrows have been in their natural state.  You can't really tell in the pics but I bleached and colored them dark blue for that night, and now they are green. Well, speckly black and green, unfortunately my eyebrows grow too fast but if I bleach them weekly I will have bald spots.

Thanks to Juan who documented the mayhem, maybe sometime this year I will join the 21st century and buy a camera.