hedgehog's dilemna

I am getting ready for Halloween.
Juan bleached my hair after waiting almost to the point of no return. I love my blond hair but I HATE getting bleached. I used a toner that I had never used before so I didn't anticipate being this silver, but its ok because Juan helped me get the perfect blue. This will fade into a powder blue soon. I ordered my
circle lenses yesterday night and will get them hopefully in the next 2 weeks. I kind of want to be lazy and just buy a costume online but i don't want to risk looking cheap. I need to motivate myself to make her school uniform!


Give it to me Jeremy Irons

Went to the Lion King 3D last night herp derp stoned. Juan and I snuck in snacks and laughed a lot. I cried lawling during Hakuna Matata.


I went to PFDA thursday night. Its where a bunch of people in the funeral industry get together, drink, and gossip about each other under the guise of a professional association. Ironically enough Alcoholics Anonymous was having a meeting at the same time in the other lobby of that cheap hotel

Juan was my date, and he looked so handsome with his pink hair. 
(damn flash washed out his color)
It was awful. I did see 3 former co-workers/classmates and caught up but everyone else was so rude. They gawked and acted like we were the plague. There was so much animosity in the air I couldn't breathe. I had a huge knot in my stomach this whole week thinking about it but in the end I am glad I went. It killed any little notion I had of going back to that chapter in my life. I went to San Antonio this past weekend with my boss to a hair show and even though I was disappointed by all the overprocessed and shredded hair that the majority of the attendants were sporting, I did not feel like I didn't belong. Being there last night gave me a tinge of the same noxious feelings I had grown accustomed to when I was still working for a funeral home. I had not felt that low in a very long time. I needed that though to make me realize how fortunate I am to be surrounded by the people I am now.


So this is me.
My hands are in my mouth most of the time. Nail biting and picking at my cuticles are my hobbies.